The Eden Companies


Just as cell phones change from year to year, the same is true with web technology. Social media and mobile devices have changed the way we use websites. The first version of the Eden Window & Door site was built back in 2010, before the surge in social media and mobile browsing. In 2013 we noticed a large number of people were using the website from mobile devices. This was a problem because back in 2010 a website didn’t have to be mobile friendly. So there was the possibility that they were loosing business because some visitors couldn’t use the website.


In early 2014 the new website was launched and it is 100% mobile friendly. We also wanted to incorporate social media in a way that aided people in the buying process. It was as simple as adding a “Pin It” button next to the product photos. As a result, potential clients are now “Pinning” product photos that they like and showing their board to an Eden representative. We’ve found that sometimes people can’t tell you what they want, but they can always show you.

  • image of website on phone
  • image of website on phone
  • image of website on phone