Night Vision Rentals


The Night Vision Rentals team proposed an idea: buying or renting products online. This was more challenging than it seems because there aren’t very many successful companies out there with this model. So immediately we were in. Before any pages were even laid out, we spent the first few weeks researching and planning. We didn’t want to jump right in, because a lot of this site had to be created from scratch.


The result is a website that functions just like any other e-commerce website, but with a rental option. We didn’t reinvent the way people shop online. If we did, people could end up confused on how to use the website. The user’s process is simple, but behind the scenes, it’s a different story. We hand-coded a system that automatically manages the rental inventory and availability. The NVR site is simple for both the customer and the NVR team; however, the code that makes it work is a piece of modern web ingenuity.

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