How important is a mobile friendly website?

Web Design  //  31/01/17

Once during a new client meeting I asked the question “Is your current website mobile friendly?” I was surprised at how against the need for a mobile friendly site the client was. To me it’s quite simple; people spend more time communicating through their mobile devices than they do verbally. But I like numbers to back up my thoughts, so I suggested we run an analytic report for a month to see how much mobile traffic he was getting. The results revealed 74% of his traffic was from mobile devices. His website now performs beautifully on mobile devices.

My example is a little extreme, because most sites in the Tulsa area don’t have a relatable amount of mobile traffic. On average, the majority of the sites we deal with are around the 45% range. Let’s say you’re around the 20% range, I would still suggest utilizing responsive design (mobile friendly) to help increase results. The price difference isn’t too much higher, and you lower the risk of people leaving an underperforming website.

I believe the goal for mobile friendly sites is making the viewing experience as easy as possible. Let’s face it, as soon as a site doesn’t work, people are gone. I always have to verify with new clients that they actually know what being mobile friendly really means. Just because your site shows up on a phone, that doesn’t mean it’s mobile friendly. Here’s the simple test; if you have to zoom in to click links and read text, it’s not mobile friendly.

As of January 2014 we made the decision as an agency that every website we build has to be mobile friendly. I think that decision is easy even if you currently only have 5% mobile traffic. In most cases that number will continue to rise every day. It’s better to be prepared for the traffic instead of having to scramble when you suddenly realize that over half of your potential clients aren’t having a good viewing experience.

My suggestion is to first look at your numbers. If you’re not familiar with reading analytic reports, contact a web agency and they can easily help you out. We offer this service for free. The numbers will show you one of two things; “We’re ok right now and need to start planning for mobile,” or, “Crap, we might be losing business because of this.”

Always remember….most people are on their phone when they drive by your billboard.

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Benjamin DeBell