Beauty of Simplicity

Web Design  //  25/01/17

The common factor all of our websites have is simplicity. I believe that so many people get caught up in the mental trap that they have to create something outside the box. I’m all for being creative, but sometimes outside the box ideas can leave users confused. Why? Because what you’ve created isn’t natural or normal. To me that’s what simplicity in web design is; guiding users along a path from A to B in a way that their familiar with. That is easier said than done.

A common question is, “Shouldn’t simple design cost less than complex artwork?”  On the surface that may seem true; however, creating simple design isn’t easy. I believe being simple means understanding your website’s visitors. How do you understand them? You study them, know their needs. Why are they on this website?  We may not have spent a large amount of time on a particular design, but, we have done a great deal of research. And that is the difference. Our design decisions are backed up by the numbers.

Remember simple isn’t just in the artwork, it’s also in the process. I would encourage you to go through your website and justify everything. Look at all of the elements and ask,”Is this necessary?” Keep track of the questions that come in from potential and current clients. If the answers to their questions are on your website, then your website lacks simplicity.

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Benjamin DeBell